Declan Joyce (Things you may not have known!)

'Take a View' Landscape Competition
Declan Joyce is a professional photographer with over twenty years experience. A qualified graphic designer he runs his own company, Declan Ltd, which specializes in landscape photography.

A selection of photographs, enlarged onto canvas, highlight the beauty and grandeur of Southwell Minster - an historic gem that is both cathedral and beloved parish church. Additionally, the exhibition features scenes from the stunning countryside and villages that surround this venerated place of worship.

‘I have lived in the Southwell area for many years now but still catch my breath when I see the Minster, rising from the bustling town below, illuminated by some glorious aspect of light. It isn’t just its size and beauty that inspires my deep sense of awe, but the peace and compelling stillness that is to be found within its ancient walls.’ Declan Joyce

The shot shown was commended by the judges and was on display at the National Theatre London throughout the month of October 2012